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Strong, revolutionary, immeasurable Africa.

Im torn in this mindset of strength that Im sending to penetrate this emotion of obvious destruction in the land of those who birthed me.

I chose not to go to the protest.

Im grieving, I'm using rest as resistance.

But what about our family in Nigeria grieving, being tortured while grieving, running while grieving.

I have the luxury of not being "too close" to this fight, in proximity I am safe from the powers affecting our mother soil. I ask myself and those around me to recognize this luxury. Energetically, though, is a different battle. We breathe through them. We are them.

Im actively distancing myself from my own emotion to keep going as I know millions have to do in the wake of this energy, begging to be transmuted.

In place I am sending Every sound breath. Every moment of peace and justice I feel when resting in my own home, every solitude, every contagious laugh, I imagine with and share to my Nigerian family.

When visiting Nigeria some years ago I felt such an opposite influx of equality, I had no idea this was brewing under my feet. Those who brutalize their cousins, their brothers, must have been taught to internalize the behavior from oppressive forces. There is no world in which you beat your brothers out of abundance.


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