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What does it mean when someone says, "Change your mind, change your life."?

Well, thoughts are made up of the same stuff as all things tangible and non, and that is atoms and chemical balances.

So if you have thoughts that create doubt, worry, and a sense of helplessness, you are emitting certain chemicals into your system that have the capacity to change your chemical make up;

AKA shift atoms, AKA change the actual structures of yourself and what is around you.

We can all succumb to the doubt and fear of, "What if I'm putting all this energy into manifestation when I really need to just actually DO something physical to get this to work.. or what if I manifest this and its not what I wanted? etc etc... The doubtful thoughts are plenty!

We who wish to change our thoughts and reality must grasp this idea that fearful and doubtful thinking change body chemistry and atomic structures the same way that trust and faithful thinking do. And they may be equally as powerful!

So next time you have a thought that shows you that your neural pathways are firing in ways that don't support your ultimate reality, STOP for a moment. Because changing neural pathway firing mechanics and reorganizing your reality is a SKILL.

when you have a negative thought in relation to your aspirations.

This is prime re-programming time.

This is your body showing you, 'hey, when we think of this or look at this or hear this or do this, we have this neural reaction.'

So now that you know this, you then can go and look at or hear or think of that thing, and then go into your mind and actually figure out what feeling, what visualization, what innerstanding, song, movement, action or thought is going to breed trust the same way thought breeds doubt and fear.

Personally, I do this until the same thought literally brings joy.

For example;

If I want to manifest a car. I will do all the work to feel how it feels to have a car, by visualizing where Ill go in the car, who Ill pick up, who I will call first when I pick it up from the lot, etc. Ill leave those meditations feeling like a happy car owner.

Then, I might be in random conversation and a friend may say, "i would love a ride over there, wish someone had a car, but cars dont just pop up because we want them."

So say that friend referencing their need for a car and the difficulty getting one triggers my fear response to do something like, "hey remember YOU dont actually have that car, and you may never, seeing how hard it is for folx to get them."

I now have some work to do.

So once I have the space, (if i dont excuse myself right then and there cuz a heaux be disciplined lol) I will go back into my visuals or whatever triggers my trust mechanism, and I will stay there with those tools until I feel like the proud owner of a car again.

Personally, I do a lot with visuals. So my go-to easy way would be to visualize how flabbergasted that person will be to find out I actually got a car super easily,

(in terms of outside forces... cuz honey manifestation is not what i would call "super easy," it just only requires one variable.. YOU. Which could make it harder or easier than acquiring one with monetary funds and work at a tangible job, depending on your belief in your scientific power.) and how excited they'll be in my car on the way to where they gotta go.

A simple method of adding to any manifestation is to act as if its there for you already in tangible form by doing what youd do if you had it! This will really test your trust!

Example; If you are someone who uses the physical realm more than mental, I might start looking online for car accessories. I would get into a mental space where I'm excited to look online because I finally have a car, and that would allow me to refocus my energy changing the atoms and chemical release that way.

Or I might take it a step further and ask some questions to myself that only a car owner may ask, like, "how will I be affected when my friends need a ride somewhere and I don't feel like using the gas or I just want to go home?".

And now even deeper than that, I may go and use my brain to figure out (or create) a precise series of events that led from those exact words of my friend, to the keys in my hand. For example.. it may go something like this;

[[ What if that friend said that to me, and someone overheard her who's got connections to a car lot where cars are being given away because of manufacturing errors like, wrong colored interior leather seats, or lights that turn blue instead of white. (Im not sure if this is even a thing, which is fine!) So maybe these cars haven't been delivered yet, so that person who overheard didn't want to jump the gun. So then maybe two weeks pass, and the manufacturer-defect car lot is in action, and I happen to be walking in the same place as said car-provider person, and they see me and think "oh! thats the friend of the person who wanted a car! Let me let them in on this dope thing thats happening" And in this visualization, we actually both get cars, which leads to even more euphoria. Its often that doing these exercises a lot leads to more abundance than expected.

There you have it! This is how I be getting everything I desire. Remember yall, this is science!!

There is a big element of frustration in manifestation that is avoided by knowing you are in the right place right time at every moment but that is for another blog post!

Love and Blessings,



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