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Sundays, DRUM CIRCLE >> Maria hernandez park. 4-8pm.

A community prayer. Come with me while I remind us of an idea.

A city full of strangers is dull hope for protection. We are forever compassionate as beings led by our birthright. Involving yourself in the community is a threshold into a deeper understanding of human beings. When we complete ourselves with those who build around us, we shrink the gap between walks of life. The gap is what creates the fear. The fear is what triggers the violence. Engulfing yourself in the atmosphere around you is giving thanks for your space. Sharing your energy with all the many reflections of you is a prayer to those who came before in hopes for togetherness. When someone under(inner)stands you, it not only protects your community but it helps prevent the long-present attack from those who dont. Giving back is really feeding yourself.

"The revolution starts on your block"

Haile Supreme - Unity Drum Circle Creator


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