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This is where I live.

Anyone who tries to fuck me with their vortex of repressive shit poison can drown in the fractal rainbow waterfall that protects my every fart.

Attempt to swallow me into your vampiric black hole and be made holy. Try me with those destructive projections of unrecognized insecurity and be thwarted by the glorious mirror that is my infinitely charged forcefield of abundance.

A wrath of balance is fully active in this sacred armor, bestowed upon me by the Forces of Architecture, in whoms transcendent womb I remain forever cradled. My work in this realm is laughably superior to the measures that seek to lower it. The community of power that has gathered around my queendom of planetary revival will crash into those measures like a blinding wave of transcendental affirmation, shitting them into monoatomic gold. Childish cries for competition are no match to the bubble of orgasmic light in which this vessel thrives. Fueled by understanding, and reinforced with every movement, every breath, these rivers of protection crumble faded screams of fascism into sanctity. In this tundra of spiritual detoxification I move swiftly and with purpose. It is the greatest weapon in my mission of feminine excellence, my aspiration to be the most unbothered bitch the cosmos ever sang. If ill words be spoken on my name, such speech shall be held in the throat of time until healing has deemed its speaker a worthy subject to even sneeze at the threshold of my Great House.

As a body of awareness, I do not dare approach a space that does not claim this entire fortified commitment. I am a mushroom chocolate of self love and these little poop droplets of whackness can get washed at my front door. I’m like a pool of brilliance for which you must be clean to enter, and the toxicity of those who wish to step in these waters without a bath will be cleansed forcefully and without remorse, uncontrollably purified by this undertow of cosmic radiance, the sexual current of my vibration.

Beware fools, for your shit stains are like wine rolling off plastic to the divine magic carpet on which I build my home. 🌪


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