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Affirm the damn thing

It may not be productive to attempt to bring in something you keep affirming out of your life. This goes for everything! If you say "I wish I had a good job" and "there aren't any good jobs out here" you are literally counteracting your blessings! The job is out there waiting for you to claim it. So is the feeling of confidence, the loving relationship and the bountiful prosperity. Without belief, the reality doesn't change! Thoughts are atoms, so are things and feelings (chemical excretions). Believing in yourself is science!

Wanna go deeper?

Record a voice note of yourself speaking about something that you wish to attain. This can be a goal, a feeling, anything. Be honest in your recording with all of the limitations you feel inside of you. Say why what fears you have in attaining it, doubts you have, why you think you might not be able to find that thing etc. Make it conversational and stream of consciousness.

listen back to it once.

(This may bring up some triggers but remember to SEND LOVE to those parts of you that think this way, because they are the door through which your brain learns to create neuro-chemical processes to bring the feelings that are productive for your comfort.)

Then delete this recording (if that feels right), and record a voice note saying how you wish things were; I think staying conversational helps.

Here are some examples..

If your first recording says,

"I want a fulfilling relationship but I don't think there's anyone at my level"

Change it in the next recording to something like,

"I know there are so many people out there for me, and I'm excited that Im going through what I need to in order to be ready for my perfect partner-- and for them to be ready for me"

(or whatever you naturally want to feel about your ability to be and find a certain person).

If your first recording says,

"I want to love how I look but I dont feel confident."

In your second recording you could say things like,

"stereotypical constructs of beauty are tired and I know that at the end of the day it's my opinion about my beauty that matters. "


"Im so grateful to be able to recognize what parts of me dont find this body beautiful, now that I can see them, I know I can address them and let them become parts of me that do"


"I know that I was created in infinite perfection, and the body that carries me emanates that same beauty physically. Im fulfilled by my natural appearance and I celebrate it constantly."

You can interchange a lot of these words with whatever words suit you, or make the recordings as long or as short as you'd like.

Now listen to this new recording once a day or however often you remember.

Even if you feel doubt while listening to this, it's working.

The reason this works is because the BRAIN IS EPIC. It runs on you being honest with yourself. The brain can literally pick up on trauma and imbalances in the psyche just by hearing your own voice. Also, consciously hearing how audacious you sound affirming things out of your life that you want in your life could be a good tool for change 😂.

This concept greatly regards how people view reality. If we feel that we cant do something because of a tangible personal reality, such as a height requirement or a skin requirement or a requirement of monetary exchange that's been programmed by media, the environment or dna, we will always have limitations, but there are ways to release these limitation-causing programs!

Thats where things get tricky based on our deepest programming. Many of us are programmed to think that requirements about our appearance or our finances or our intelligence level are

un-finessable even in the mental dome (you feel me?)

or simply -impossible to change- in the requests of certain societal "opportunities" (I put that in quotes because I personally don't view all of these experiences I'm talking about as opportunities).

For example, if we are programmed to think the color of our skin won't allow us to have certain opportunities, we may have a difficult time claiming that we are capable of anything because programs have set deep limitations into our dna.

Epigenetic, anyone? (spoiler alert: it's almost everyone).

We may even think another person who has freed themselves from those limitations and gained the opportunity, must have had to work harder to receive the opportunity. I'm not claiming this to be true or untrue. I am saying that someone who has released all limitations can have literally anything they desire in life, regardless of their walk of life, physical or other.

I chose the race example because its one of the most weaponized social paradigms on the planet, and its connection to things that have never been done (changing your skin color or heritage) and the connection to the personal body, along with the excessiveness of the programming itself, is almost unparalleled. I also chose it because it is arguably the most controversial and thus even harder to rewire its programs in the brain. For us who have not experienced any freedom from this programming, is effect on us equal to the word of God.

To those of us who have seen through the matrix to our access to infinite abundance, it is just a weapon, an opinion. This is not to say those of us who see it this way don't feel the consequences of race programming or are colorblind or ignorant. It is simply acknowledging and then shifting perspective to classify it as something productive to the reality thats desired.

Everything is perspective, and we can train our own brains to change our reality so we never have to be a victim of racism again.

This may sound insane, but let me give you an example, because it's entirely an internal thing.

Person A says or does something -that would classically be called racist by our society- to person B.

If person B has internalized the racism paradigm (theres levels to it so lets say this level is the deepest), they will internalize the action as a determination of their whole worth in the world. They may also classify themselves as a victim of racism.

However, If person B has the understanding that person A exhibiting racsim, is actually person A's internal racial programming from dna and the environment being so deep that they are projecting thoughts about their own appearance onto person B, then person B is no longer the victim of racism. Person B has now identified the and acknowledged their freedom from this construct, thus making it entirely null and void in their life as a construct. Deprogramming!

Person B still understands that the world calls this behavior racism, and there may always be people who see them as someone who can be the victim of it, but by having compassion for the person dealing with the programming, person b releases their attachment to racism as a determining factor of their worth, and thus takes its ability away as a program. Deleting the virus inside their own mind.

This also allows person B to have access to the gifts of the present moment, which tell us that we are protected from opportunities that wont suit us, and guided to those that create our best reality; Allows us to have access to infinite abundance. This attracts others who think this way and spreads. I think the challenges and pain along our life journey are only tools to access that real magic of self healing and self governing, and expand the mind of god.

So, it all starts with thought, and language is right there with it. If you notice your speech exhibiting agreement to these programs you wish to avoid, it might be productive to send some love and attention to your speech and shift it to match what you desire.

In perfect grace, in all the right ways for everyone involved.

I love you!




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